Birmingham: An Acoustic EP

by David Ramirez

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released June 1, 2008

All songs written by David Ramirez
Engineered in houses in and throughout Birmingham by Chris Weninegar
Guitar | Piano | Vocals - David Ramirez
Upright Bass - Alex Mitchell
Vocals - Rebekah Fox



all rights reserved


David Ramirez Austin, Texas


"Soulful, stirring, heartbreaking. David makes you hang on the turn of every phrase." -The Civil Wars

"The best damn songwriter you don't know yet" - PASTE

"One of Americana music's great undiscovered songwriters" - Austin Monthly
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Track Name: Mothers and Fathers
I watch my mother fold the sheets for me
I see the wrinkles on her hands and see
All the love that she holds can be
Seen in the lines around her knuckles

Who is gonna lay you down?
Who is gonna turn the lights out
Just like our Mothers and our Fathers prayed about?
Oh I want to love you like that

My father does it very well
Never shy with giving up his help
I can see it in those eyes he gives
That he will never let me fall too far from him

I want the love that I give to be evident in my appearance
So in the end there will be no doubt that my love ever existed
Track Name: Deal Me In
I hear I'm crazy for chasing the dreams in my head
So be honest baby do you think there's a chance
To see the lights

It's funny how life can make sense at the end of a cigarette
I get lost in the smoke as it finds it's way slowly through my chest
But I'm all out of matches and life cannot start without a spark

Deal me in
Deal me in
This is the life that I choose even if I lose

I'm slowly learning just what it means to love
I don't think I have it down I just know what it's not
It's not leaving you

So question life, question the sky
Don't be okay just letting days pass you by
Find out the truth, Find out what lies
Above the Blue
Track Name: Heart
take me back to my house
we'll lie down and do anything but sleep
then we can dream away this wine
and wake with no headaches

i don't know what this is all about
never before have i felt what i do now
i'm lost in thought and finding myself in your heart
let's take it slow

i'm taking pride in each and every phone call i hear your voice
my days are so redundant it's nice when i get a little change of pace

on this rare occasion i'm am letting go of all i hold inside
you hold me just like play-dough please don't let go i want to feel you change my life
Track Name: Wind Up Toy
my heart is wind up toy
good things come and i have a point
but when friction kicks in i slow down and fade out

i'm easily pleased
i want the bread but i settle for the seeds
i live in a castle built of crumbs and it does not bother me

so wind me up and watch me turn
i'll mystify and make you question how it's done
i'm a one trick pony wide eyed and lonely and i'm the only one that does it like me

i've tried complicating things
by not holding on to what i know i need
but when the mirror and my eyes meet
i'm reminded of what i left behind

we only get so many breaths
in and out this air will soon leave our chest
and with my many doubts i'll be left all alone, all alone

all alone, all alone this wandering soul has yet to find a home
i'll take handouts if you got 'em if not i'll find em
Track Name: I Could Start Fires
Looks like you got me where you want me
So go ahead and roll up your web
The best things in life are hard to come by
But sometimes the best things come from accidents

When days are dark darling remember
My love for you won't go away
I almost lost you last september
And my heart still has yet to forgive me

Is it just me, Am I seeing things?
Or does the way we breathe make perfect sense?
I could start fires with what I feel for you
The sun could fade out and we'd see it through

You have a beauty like no other
A confidence that brings me fear
If I compare myself too long I might just run away
But you have a grace that keeps me here